There is a massive unspeakable shame and cover up rampant in the Dominica’s high offices.

It’s called child SACRIFICE.

Parents sacrificing their daughters for the love of money. Daughters giving up their pride and dignity for personal or family favors. “the sacred temple” has become the stock exchange for sexual abuse bothering on crimes against humanity.

How many daughters have been laid on that alter of sacrifice?

Senior party operatives have been muzzled with money and positions of power, while their daughters were the sacrificial unblemished lamb willingly “laid” on the altar of sacrifice.

Ministers of government sitting in cabinet were not spared,

Ambassadors were not spared, senior civil servants were not spared, advisors were not spared, campaign managers were not spared, ordinary citizens seeking genuine assistance certainly were not spared.

It was the currency of choice for men in position of power abusing their office with the full knowledge of once upon a time noble men and noble women now trapped in a revolving door of shame and disgrace, where child sacrifice has become the new normal in a once upon a time proud nation.

Who will be the whistle blower in this crisis of conscience, who will step up to the plate and say no more…who will save our daughters from this near two decades of psychological and physical abuse…where are the few good men left in this nation… Where are our women’s right champions and advocates…who will save our children…?

By: Hon Daniel Lugay

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