Predators in Power-The Philosophy of Pampalan Plunderers

In March 2021 the Minister of Education of Dominica Octavia Alfred told a gathering of students that they would have to “shake their pampalam” to get additional funding for their studies. In the Dominican vernacular “pampalam” refers to private parts of the female as in the vagina or butt. The commonly accepted inference is that the female students would have to sell themselves in way of sexual favors to get ahead with their education. The reaction among most decent Dominicans at home and abroad was swift and angry.  Such a disgrace posing as an educator must go!  Calls for the resignation of the minister by the Opposition United Workers Party and different civil society organizations have since grown into a crescendo.

In a dazzling instance of providential intervention into our affairs, the minister of miseducation uttered in public what has been long known in private. The truth she blurted out is  that  to progress with this regime, young girls, women, must shake their Pampalan for the powerful men who prowl the halls of power.

The statement by the minister is worthy of expulsion from any law abiding and decent government. Sadly, however, the minister of education remains in office because the regime seems wedded to a policy of sexual exploitation of women. No past government  in the history of Dominica has been plagued with more sexual scandal.

The ruling King sets the standard. He is the standard bearer of prime ministership by Pampalan. It is common knowledge that young ladies must surrender their Pampalan to plunder by the voracious sex fiends that occupy high office in this scary regime. A woman whose Pampalan was plundered had her baby beaten to death, in utero, by the minister of insecurity. Office desks in the various ministries have been platforms for the dissection of Pampalam of the poor female citizens who come seeking a job, scholarship, a house or basic financial assistance. It has become common knowledge that our young women, even some older ones, must line up to be ill-served and abused by the plunderers of Pampalam

Why have we as a nation allowed a philosophy of pimping to rise to national policy?

Why have we so shamed ourselves that we allow ministers and high officials in our government to deflower young girls at will?

From the Pantyman at college to the Pscarecrow, they are shameless, as they are blackless, in the exploitation of our women.

In the same week the world celebrated International Women’s Day, the minister of miseducation bathed herself in sexual gutter talk of the worst kind. In so doing she exposed an inconvenient truth; that the nation is ruined by leadership wedded to the philosophy Pampalan  plunder.

Whither goeth a nation, where our girls must kneel and give up their most prized possession to a coven of sex fiends? They not only sexually exploit the poor and defenseless, they also go cherry picking among the wives of their own party supporters. It has become a free for all, where all must eat, even within the hard labour penitentiary Dominica has become.

Like vampires they have sucked the dignity out of our country. If this is our minister of education in the 21st century, do we have a future?

Instead of talking about artificial intelligence, climate change abatement and green technology, the miseducation minister tells students to shake their Pampalan to get ahead.

The Pampalan plunderers are on the rampage and the nation have fallen. Time to arrest the rot of the irrevocably foolish minister posing as an educator. She must go!

This Pampalan minister is now the primary spokesperson of the government. It was just last week she became the inventor of drones thousands of kilometers under sea and land. She was then the attacker of drone operators Lynworth Mitchell and Jawanza Stuart who were falsely arrested of violating a drone law which does not exist.  Now she has jumped unto our young women, debasing their dignity in the worst way.

She is a mischievous  excuse for women in leadership. She has shamed all Dominicans and cannot continue in office as the lead educator when she spouts such bilge water.  And while she cleans out her desk, she should sprinkle holy water around the ministry to ward off those who use their offices to plunder the Pampalans of poor peoples children.

What a shame!

Time up!

Get out!

Sacway apologist for a regime of  Pampalan plunderers pretending at being prayerful!



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