Is Quality Health Care a priority for this Labour Party Administration?

The World Health Organization defines quality of care as “the extent to which health care services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes. In order to achieve this, health care must be safe, effective, timely, equitable, and people-centered.” I still remember learning from in first-year medical school lectures that “quality health care […]

Who Runs Things in Dominica?

The recent “I Run Tings” (IRT) statement by Prime Minister Skerrit has set social media platforms and talk shows buzzing with stinging critiques, serious accusations and hilarious comments. The comment that amused me the most was the one that stated: “Skerrit suffering from “IRTitis”, no cause of the “IRTitis” was given neither was any treatment […]

From the Editor’s Pen!

Dominican Patriot (We the People) was born out of the necessity to create another platform where patriots can bring attention to, and discuss the many issues facing our country .We strive to accommodate opposing views and we welcome everyone who wishes to seriously engage! There is no better time for us to engage as we […]

Why I Left Dominica

I was born in Dominica, and I love the Island life. After 40 years away from home, I retired and moved back to my beautiful island with my wife. While there, one day, my wife started having severe abdominal pain, and we rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital ( PMH) Emergency Department for treatment and […]

The Concerned Citizens Movement

The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) started after the 2014 General elections. The group arose out of deep disappointment expressed by many citizens on the events surrounding the elections. Their concerns were concerned that the elections were neither free nor fair. The group started with 4 members as a grassroots group who realized that if elections […]

Are we losing our culture or national symbols?

This picture depicts a scene from Dominica during the 1700-1790 and it is credited to Agostino Brunias. Italian painter who lived in Dominica. Believed to be the ancestor of the Bruney Family in Dominica. Some argue that it is a relic of the colonial past, since it was inherited from the slave masters, they also […]

Dominica: Independence Reflection

As we reflect on the 41st anniversary of our independence let’s reflect on who we are, and how we arrived where we are today! What is Dominica, and who are Dominicans? Dominica is an English speaking in the Caribbean and part of the British Commonwealth. It is covertly known as the Nature Island of the […]

From Socialism to Capitalism: A Doctor’s Perspective on the Health System

Fidel Castro once said, “We weren’t offering money; we were offering doctors to help save lives, and that offer stand today and tomorrow and represents Cuba’s attitude towards any of the World’s peoples.” Being a medical student in the Republic of Cuba I was exposed to a much more advanced health system as compared to […]