Attempt at Smearing Nurse Sanford

It is alleged that Chris Clay is residing in the United States illegally . It is also alleged that he lives in a basement where he rents a room . He can’t afford an entire apartment. He was a high school teacher under the Skerrit regime and fled Dominica for greener pastures and yet continues […]


The office of the President of Dominica is one that should be respected and by virtue of that fact, the holder should respect the office and conduct him or her self in a respectful manner always. Further the office requires that the holder be independent and not engage in partisanship or appear to do so. […]


by Dearmer Christmas INTERVIEW: Mel : Can you tell me your name and when did you start working with USAID? Dwight: So my name is Dwight Steen and I went to work for USAID in 1971. My first post and assignment was assigned to Borgata, Columbia. My area of expertise is agriculture. I did various […]

Nanthan Again ?

When Rosie Douglas was elected into office, Emmanuel Nanthan then a cooperative officer just abandoned his post and took up residence in the ministry, without any regard for the protocols of the public service. Several years later with the unfortunate passing of Rosie and Piero and with Skeret sitting in the Prime Minister’s office Nanthan […]

Let there be peace during the next election.

Dominica has been a relatively peaceful country. However ,recently some very disturbing trends have developed, such as lawlessness, and gangster culture embraced and romanticized by people in high offices. It has reached a dangerous level. Some call this phenomenon trickle down criminality, and it has become very apparent during this election season.  Now the thugs […]

Attorney Henry Shillingford assaulted

  Today during quiet protest outside the presidents mansion in Dominica police officers in plainclothes drew automatic weapons and pump rifles on the citizens. They were told that they could stand across the street which they complied. The police officers then proceeded to block off the road from the fort young hotel   to DBS […]


Magistrate Michael Bruney has thrown out the incitement case against Arthie Martin. The magistrate cited the lack of submission of evidence by the prosecution for throwing out the matter. The prosecution had been given up to October 14th to present the court with the evidence of incitement but after several delays and postponements the magistrate […]

Police pulls guns on citizens

A small group of Dominicans gathered outside the President’s mansion to ask for free and fair elections. As soon as they got to the gate, one officer in military fatigue with a machine gun came to the gate. About two minutes later , an SUV filled with plain clothes police officers jumped out with  automatic […]

Not Even a Grapefruit Tree I See in Grand Bay

By Gavin the Constant Gardener I just came back from Dominica. It broke my heart, with the darkness I saw in the land. Young men, listless, sitting down smoking weed. Doing nothing. They are broken men and women in Grand Bay and around the country after 15 years of Skerrit.  The handout heaven created by […]