Mel’s Launching

At last it’s here, the grand finale of the Roosevelt’s Family Party launching. As the saying goes they left their best for last.

According to the advertisement flyer, my buddy Tarrus Riley will be the guest artist, will he be singing my song “She is Royal” for Dominica’s royal lady? Look for it, I bet! I love the guy, he is just as popular as Buju Banton, so I expected his price will be along the same range. Who is paying for this? Dominicans if you do not want to know I want to know.

Why is Roosevelt and his Marie Antoinette so ruthless in their abuse of the Dominican people? This is obscene! How many millions have Roosevelt and his Melissa  spent in foreign artist entertainment in the last two years? Five million? Ten million? Your guess is as good as mine.

Hopefully this will be their last dance.  This kind of abuse cannot be allowed to continue, this kind of Sodom and Gomorrah nation of endless partying and endless vices  that they want to turn Dominica into must be stopped. I call on all the church leaders to take serious note of what Dominica is coming to, under the control of the dictator and his Marie Antoinette, and to guide their followers to intervene with their votes!

Melissa, has proven to us in no uncertain terms that she can give her husband some serious competition in lying, deceiving, abusing and manipulating the people of Dominica. She did so convincingly at her debut performance when they tested her on stage to welcome her legendary husband from receiving his second honorary doctorate. I predicted from this day, that they would have used her for bigger things and she has  passed the lying, deceiving, manipulating and abusing test with flying dark colors!

Melissa’s superficiality is dangerous for Dominica, but her insensitivity is what should give us pause. Melissa thought it was OK to feed the people that she is seeking their votes expired, Maria relief food filled with mold and maggots, she has not apologized for it in any way. She is noted for making statements which should make think, one such statement is her famous “They planted, and weeded and we picked at ate” Which she made as a caption for a picture with her two children eating what the common folk and planted and weeded, and they picked and ate.

Melissa without power, has shown us what a Melissa without power would be and  she fits the profile of a despot’s wife perfectly when it comes to extravagance and superficiality. Some call her Grace Mugabe, some call her Emelda Marcos, but I think she is Dominica’s Marie Antoinette, as in “Let them eat cake”.

I am not as concerned about her superficiality as I am concerned about her arrogance, and insensitivity, and her abusive nature, her admiration for her ruthless dictator husband is as an indication of what she is! Dominicans, people of Roseau South, you MUST stop Melissa, she is dangerous! Tarrus Riley, I still love my song “She is Royal” I beg you please do not sing it for Melissa! 

In the meantime laborites enjoy the biggest fete of the labor party campaign, but keep in mind that all good things come to an end! Enjoy the last lap. Let’s bring Dominica back to normal, so we can start to rebuild our nation on a pillar of substance, principles, values, and morality! Let us not wait until our nation is destroyed by fire and sulphur because it became so unpleasing to the God we claim to serve!

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