As parents, I know we tell our children that they should not lie, or cheat or engage in illegal activity, but having done that and instilled the consciousness in them, we are still willing to forgive them and stand behind them. What we know is that there will come a time when we say enough is enough and even if we care for them and love them, we turn our backs on their miscreant ways.

 As citizens, the same would apply to our leaders who we look up to. Off course they are not perfect and are not expected to be. However, there is a certain level beyond which we should not allow them to go, in the same way we still love our children but say enough is enough. 

I listened to a pronouncement by PM Skerrit regarding the construction of an international airport for Dominica. I’m am inclined to forget that this is the 4th or 5th promise of the same airport that he has made to us. I am even prepared to accept that all of the previous promises were legitimate but circumstances prevented him from being able to deliver at the time.

I am not however willing to accept that a show is put on to give currency to a statement that the PM know to be a lie. That is taking the joke too far.

If we are to believe Skerrit, then the Chinese ambassador would be out of touch with his own government and their position regarding our international airport. Additionally, to believe Skerrit we also have to accept that when he told us a few years ago that he had put ten million dollars aside and would put an additional five million monthly to go toward the construction of the airport he was telling a big fat LIE.

And that brings to mind the plethora of lies that we have accepted from our leader over the years. They started really small, by telling us during a visit to the prison that he would come back and teach a course to the adult education program at the prison; to now telling us that there are missing billions that are not actually missing. According to him, if he were to include the “missing” amounts in the budget then it would be 2.2 billion. No PM it would be a lot more than that so please stop the LIES.

I’m sure that Parry Bellot could share with us the many lies that have had him shaking his head and thinking of a way to spin it. The average Dominican even the hardcore labourites can tell you the number of lies spewed by Skerrit both in public and in private. 

What comes to mind is the admonition of our elders that a LIAR is a THIEF. Is that some manifestation of the discoveries to come when this sorry excuse for a government is booted out of office. Are the 99 days for the thief almost over and he will soon be caught with his hand in the cookie jar? And more importantly how many more lies will the ordinary Dominican accept before they tell their leader that enough is enough?


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