How many more decades and how much more millions and millionaires will be made before the fantasy geothermal well dries up ??

We are on our second decade of deceptive geothermal promises, with no end in sight to a theatre of lies, stealing and abuse of near $100 million of hard earned tax payers money, distributed among hungry hyenas feeding in a den of thieves….the “reversed” Robinhoods … stealing from the poor to feed the voracious appetite of the rich friends of the deceiver in Chief

They painted rosie pictures of geothermal pipelines going to Martinique… election promise after election promise, they said it’s coming…

International partners of the geothermal mirage has withdrawn their resources and support….the two decade lie and $100 million money laundering machine has reached it’s fatal climax…. geothermal is dead

Not even a candle is lit almost two decades later.
And it seems for all intents and purposes this geothermal donkey has been flogged to death and the riders have transferred to their favorite and even older “donkey” ….the International Airport money making machine.

Armed with in excess of $2.5 billion of our Dominican passport money, located banked and held outside Dominica, and outside of our national treasury…Dominica is poised to burrow it’s own passport money…a loan to build it’s International Airport to be repaid to Montreal Management just as health minister Dr Irving Mcintyre revealed, that the Health Centers will be “funded” by Montreal Management and our government will repay them…..BUT ISN’T THAT OUR OWN DOMINICAN PASSPORT MONEY…??

Remember Dominicans, that we had already saved in the region of $450 million in the Airport development fund…but Alas the chief serial election robber spent almost every cent save $239. 69 to steal the 2019 General election in Dominica.

Who is willing to stop this two decade old madness…who ?

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