Prior to the December elections in Dominica, we heard the saying it was a fight for Dominica’s soul. Obviously we lost that fight for Dominica’s soul.

Most of us were left with a feeling of detachment, some of us went into resignation, meaning we gave up.

We blame each other, we occupy our time with the what if, what should have done, and what could have been done, we look for scapegoats, but it was a failure of ALL of us! We all failed collectively as a people!

One thing we cannot or should not do is to be in the denial of the FACT, that Dominica has failed too. The institutions failed Dominica and Dominica failed the constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Whatever happened in this recent election was a reflection of Dominica, and Dominicans.

What happened in this past election was worse than any hurricane including the regime’s favorite hurricane Maria.

Natural disasters like Maria occur, all the time, all over the world. They destroy buildings and other infrastructure and destroy crops and trees. The buildings, infrastructure can be rebuilt, the crops and be replanted. The trees grow back, and nature takes care of what was destroyed by nature. We don’t have to do anything.

But when the soul of a nation is destroyed it is a totally different story, it is a surmountable task to rebuild that nation.

At the close of the constitutional convention in America, in 1706, a lady asked Benjamin Franklin, one of the forefathers at the convention. “Well Doctor, what have we got, A Republic or a monarchy? It is said he replied. “A Republic, if we can keep it”

When Dominica attained its independence from Britain it was handed a Democratic Republic. Could Dominica keep it? This is a timely question I think!

It is time for us as a people to face some realities, and ask ourselves some questions in a deep soul searching exercise.

  1. Have we failed in that democratic experience? Or are we doing well with it?
  2. How much real progress have we made as an independent nation, so those who argue that we are a young democracy, are we on the right track?
  3. How have we developed our natural resources?
  4. How innovative have we been- What do we have to show as ours?
  5. How can we sustain our economy -when the passport business expiries? Note there is an expiry date on it. It would be foolhardy for us to believe otherwise.
  6. How have we utilized our human resource capital to get the best out of all of us?
  7. What kind of society have we created?
  8. What about the rule of law- is it alive and well?
  9. How do we inspire the next generation?
  10. Have we been able to preserve our identity as a people?
  11. What about our morality?

We must be honest with ourselves my fellow Dominicans, instead of looking for scapegoats among ourselves, we should look critically around us, and think of what we as a people acan do to restore Dominica’s soul!

5 thoughts on “DOMINICA’S SOUL

  1. Marcelline Edwards says:

    When patriotism becomes the centered around the life, freedom liberties and greed of one man, his cronies and their crimes, the current state of Dominica; a primmie with a hole in the heart is born.

  2. Patriots Needed says:

    Yes, had – and still have – the opportunity to do better. However it will require education, organization and the aggregation of wealth by the Patriots to make a change. The scary regime has bent too many of our people out of shape and into the brainwashed category for us to transform the nation for better via a vote. A new vote we must have but that alone will not suffice. We must also rebuild the soul of our nation that has been corrupted. It is a long march ahead to recover our liberty and we must be stoic and faith driven to recover the soul of our Nation. Real patriots are needed now. Step forward my people! Step forward!

  3. Lambert Charles says:

    Oh yes I think that it is an undeniable fact the we have failed Ma Dominique, but it is of no use remaining a perpetual failure. Before things get worse, it is of paramount importance that we ALL JOIN HANDS to restore Dominica back to right order. YES WE CAN!

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