Corruption a none issue for the Caribbean, just go to Mama Mia!

In May of 2015, at a party in London launching her campaign Baroness Scotland  introduced Roosevelt Skerrit to disgraced former Nigerian oil minister Diezani Allison Madueke, it is alleged. He issued her with a diplomatic passport six days later. At the time Madueke was under investigation in Britain over allegations of corruption.Support in her bid for the Secretary General of  the Commonwealth from Dominica was sealed at that party.

Many cried foul at the process that catapulted her into this prestigious position, some say it was a grossly corrupt process. It involved Knighthoods, honors, donations and parties.

Baroness Scotland acted as delegate and vice-delegate respectively in Britain of the Order, an antiquated Catholic organization resurrected by Bailey in the 1990s. The knighthoods and damehoods given out by the Order do not allow the holder any titles or privilege. That designation put her in a position to recommend candidates for knighthoods.

Using that influence Baroness Scotland with the Constantinian Order, an antiquated Catholic organisation resurrected by Bailey in the 1990s. The knighthoods and damehoods given out by the Order do not allow the holder any titles or privilege she was able to get leaders in Antigua and Dominica Knighted, it is alleged. 

Baroness Scotland was first invested in 2002 as a Dame of Merit with Star of the Sacred Militmy Constantinian Order of St George and that in 2014 she was promoted to the rank of Dame Grand Cross of Merit and appointed Vice-Delegate for England – a post she held up until assuming office as Secretary General.

Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit was knighted by the Order and given promises of investment just six months before he appeared in London to endorse Baroness Scotland as a Caribbean candidate for Commonwealth Secretary-General. 

In expressing dismay at the process and apparent quid pro quo involved in the appointment of the Baroness, Conservative MP James Cleverly wrote. ‘ ‘The Commonwealth is a vitally important and respected institution and we can’t allow it to be dragged into any kind of scandal.” He remained in ferocious opposition to the Baroness.

The scandals and controversies have dogged the Baroness throughout her tenure, causing the lack of confidence in many of the major Commonwealth nations.

The irony is Baroness Anti Corruption agenda, under the banner of “Tackling Corruption Together” along with Global leaders from civil society, business and government who are championing the fight against corruption, soon after her taking office she hosted  a major conference in London on 11 May 2016. She pledged to fight corruption as a main item on her agenda.

Meanwhile in Dominica her homeland and her sponsor citizens were alarmed to note that she supported a Prime Minster and a regime which by all accounts were “TOTALLY CORRUPT” She never addressed the issue of corruption in Dominica, she embraced it and enabled it instead taking the same position with the members of CARICOM. Was she thinking about her reappointment support?

It is that time, and Baroness Scotland remains under that firestorm. The Prime Minister of Britain is adamantly against her reappointment. As the Telegraph reports, “Baroness Scotland looks set to be removed as the Commonwealth Secretary-General after Boris Johnson revealed most heads of government were opposed to her standing unopposed for a second term.  

A letter sent by the Prime Minister to fellow Commonwealth leaders has revealed that those in favour of the controversial Labour peer being re-elected automatically were outnumbered by a ratio of around 2:1.” Britain, New Zealand, and Austria have already withdrew their funding, but the Baroness persists and she has supporters, IN CARICOM! Her knights have come to her rescue again. 

Barbados Today reports “A “significant majority” of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders meeting in Barbados on Wednesday have expressed support for embattled Dominica-born Commonwealth Secretary General, Baroness Patricia Scotland, who is seeking a second consecutive term in office.”  It continues “Informed sources told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that only “one abstention” had been recorded when the leaders discussed the matter on the final day of their 31st Inter-sessional Summit.”

The source would not identify the country that had abstained, but said it would be fair to say “a substantial majority of CARICOM states supported the Secretary General for reappointment”. CARICOM UNITES? 

 And of course a Commonwealth Secretariat statement indicated that Scotland, “has been supported to serve a second term by the Commonwealth of Dominica, the country of her birth”.The Knight Rewards his sponsor, surprise! Surprise!

Mama Mia and her crew got her back. The question is now significant is this support in that sea of discontentment among the major commonwealth nations which contribute more significantly than the Caribbean nations? Corruption allegations be damned, we are hanging with our Baroness they say. Let’s see how this plays out!


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