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By A Concerned Caribbean Citizen On December 10th , 2019 the St Vincent and Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves took a stance against OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro . Ralph called Roosevelt Skerrit to congratulate him on his victory. There is also enough evidence that elections are repeatedly stolen in the Caribbean. It seems this good old boys […]

Major Twistleton “Twist” Bertrand – Dominica’s Last World War Veteran Bids us Farewell

By Gabriel J. Christian, Esq. Major Twistleton St. Rose Bertrand – Former Commandant, Dominica Defence Force; Captain, Canadian Army, an Aide de Camp to Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor (1924-2019) On Sunday, December 8, 2019 Major Twistleton St. Rose Bertrand, born at Portsmouth on September 24, 1924, slipped into history. He died in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada […]


by Dermer Christmas December 8, 2019 We would have simply lost our moral fibre as a nation, if we stand by and allow this level of pervasive behavior by a leader to destroy the very fabric of our democracy. *This far reaching abuse of power must stop! *Inflicting poverty on a people and reducing … […]

Progress and the Moral Complicity of a People in Crime

By Special Correspondent to the Dominican Patriot News Online   It is our reasoned judgment that large segments of Dominica’s population have lost their moral compass. I state this after another theft of a nation election by vote rigging, bribery and the illegal purchase of voters by airlift and marine transport of voters win an election. […]

Ex-prime minister of Saint Kitts is held at Gatwick Airport after he tried to leave Britain with £70,000 in cash

Dr Denzil Douglas – who was Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis for 20 years – was detained at Gatwick Airport by the UK Border Force three weeks ago. Officers seized the equivalent of more than £70,000 – in sterling, US dollars and eastern Caribbean dollars – from him on November 16 when he […]


Yesterday I hoped for change.I hoped for a better tomorrow. Today is here,it is already tomorrow. Nothing has changed.I have to work an entire 80 hour on call shift.There is still a shortage of health care professionals and resources. My mind is beyond exhausted and as a result my entire system is beginning to shut […]


 The elections are over in Dominica and the  DLP   has won 18 out of 21 seats. There has always been concerns about stealing of elections as far back as 2009. There has  been cry for electoral reform for many years now. The people of Dominica rallied and pled so they could get their electoral  […]

Skerrit’s Pyrrhic Victory

(An oration on Dominica’s Election Night December 6 2019 delivered to a gathering of Dominican patriots in the cause of democracy) By A  DOMINICAN PATRIOT Pyrrhic victory (/ˈpɪrɪk/ PIRR-ik) is a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has also taken […]

Dominica’s Election 2019 – Grand Theft, Fraud and a Failed State

By Special Correspondent to Dominica Patriot News On December 6, 2019 Dominica held general elections. The event was a carnival of bribery, fraud and vote rigging. The bought and paid for result yielded the ruling Dominica Labour Party a 18 – 3 “victory” over the Parliamentary Opposition United Workers Party – Team Dominica. This election […]

A Call to National & International Resistance against the Dictator Roosevelt Skerrit.

To the Dominican Patriots at home and abroad and our friends around the world : Today, Thursday, December 5, 2019 in what is the Christmas season, the Roosevelt Skerrit regime unleashed his dogs of war against unarmed and defenseless men, women, children, boys, girls and babies in the village of Salisbury. Salisbury is a heroic […]