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After Francine delivered the package of lies that Tony Astaphan sent her to the OAS armed with, the United States Representative responds, and this is what he said: “Thank you, Madam President and OAS Ambassador, the United States Welcomes the Foreign Minister Baron to the permanent council, and thank you for addressing these important issues, […]


Oh Francine what have you done to yourself AGAIN? Francine Baron is no Kathrine Gunn Last week I was listening to BBC, and I head an interview they were having with Katherine Gunn, she was an interpreter working for the British Government during the run up to the Iraq war. She leaked documents hoping that […]


In a country where the Prime Minister tells you that “no law, not even the constitution” can prevent him from doing something illegal, you expect anything to happen. Add to that the glib and thoughtless manner in which his wife refers to her “snipers, navy seals” and battery of gangster friends on a political platform, […]

OAS Remarks on Elections in Dominica

Remarks by Deputy U.S. Permanent Representative Alexis F. Ludwig November 20, 2019 Madam Chair and OAS Ambassadors, the United States is very proud of the role of the OAS in promoting and protecting democracy and free and fair elections throughout the Hemisphere. We strongly believe, as stated in the OAS Charter, that democracy is the foundation […]

Conduct of a Dominican Police Officer

Dominica appears to be in a rather dark state, In the video below a police officer pulls over a young man dressed in a blue shirt. Of note, blue is the color of the opposition in Dominica. What is very disturbing is the profanity that this police officer is using on the young civilian. He […]

The Caribbean and Ethiopia Must Be Beacons of Democracy

  A Statement by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle–Selassie, President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia The security, stability, and prosperity of much of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia is presently being challenged, almost as never before, by changes occurring around the world. We must all look beyond the immediate to do what […]

Broken and Haunted: In the Shadows

Sexual exploitation of young woman by powerful men is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening from time immemorial, you can find the roots in the bible with King Solomon and others. But with time and civilization there became a new order, a new set of rules, and guiding principles, a new understanding of […]

Will Charles Savarin subject Dominica to his second constitutional crisis?

In 1979, approximately six months after Dominica attained independence, and Patrick John became the head of Government, the country in her maiden state in the process of establishing the foundation necessary to build on, went through a constitutional crisis which lead to the appointment of O.J. Seraphin as the interim Prime minister. As history records: […]


by Dearmer Christmas INTERVIEW: Mel : Can you tell me your name and when did you start working with USAID? Dwight: So my name is Dwight Steen and I went to work for USAID in 1971. My first post and assignment was assigned to Borgata, Columbia. My area of expertise is agriculture. I did various […]