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Nurse Sanford Speaks

November 14, 2019 , Nurse Anette Sanford the UWP representative for the Kalinago territory released a message to the public. At her launch last week in the Kalinago Territory she announced on the public platform that she was offered $120,000 by Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit for her not to run against Cozier Frederick […]

Nept Pacquette commends the police for keeping the Black Maroons (Neg Mawon) Spirit Alive in Dominica.

Throughout the history of black people worldwide, the spirit of the Neg Mawon  has not forsaken us. That spirit has enabled our people to stand tall in periods of adversity and oppression. That spirit has informed and driven our conscience , and has enabled our people to stand strong against tyrants and dictators. That spirit […]


BREAKING NEWS… In October 2017, Dowlin Alexander was charged and the sum of approximately EC$180,000.00 in various currencies (US, EUROS and Pounds Sterling) was confiscated by the State. Since then, the matter has been in Court for forfeiture hearing. Before the matter came up for hearing in 2018, threats were made to the local Prosecutor […]

Police officers join the protest

In Roseau Dominica this morning , November, 14th 2019, some members of the Dominica police force has joined the protesters. The officers are fed with with the neglect by the current regime in regards to their raise . They are demanding their pay adjustment. They came out in the rain today in plain clothes to […]

Where are the adults in charge in Dominica, or are they engineering a state of emergency situation?

Dominica is currently in a very volatile situation that may very well erupt at any moment. The powers that be are really not interested in doing anything to calm down the situation . Instead , they are doing everything possible to exacerbate it! Who is thinking in the place? Are these people working towards causing […]

Attempt at Smearing Nurse Sanford

It is alleged that Chris Clay is residing in the United States illegally . It is also alleged that he lives in a basement where he rents a room . He can’t afford an entire apartment. He was a high school teacher under the Skerrit regime and fled Dominica for greener pastures and yet continues […]


by Dearmer Christmas INTERVIEW: Mel : Can you tell me your name and when did you start working with USAID? Dwight: So my name is Dwight Steen and I went to work for USAID in 1971. My first post and assignment was assigned to Borgata, Columbia. My area of expertise is agriculture. I did various […]


Magistrate Michael Bruney has thrown out the incitement case against Arthie Martin. The magistrate cited the lack of submission of evidence by the prosecution for throwing out the matter. The prosecution had been given up to October 14th to present the court with the evidence of incitement but after several delays and postponements the magistrate […]