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Conduct of a Dominican Police Officer

Dominica appears to be in a rather dark state, In the video below a police officer pulls over a young man dressed in a blue shirt. Of note, blue is the color of the opposition in Dominica. What is very disturbing is the profanity that this police officer is using on the young civilian. He […]


SALISBURY IS STANDING Tonight one of the most resilient communities in Dominica has decided to take a stand again . They have joined the call to stand against the corrupt regime of Roosevelt Skerrit . The Bawi people have been deliberately penalized by the DLP government.  


The number of protesters in Dominica grew exponentially today Nov 18th. They marched through the city and up to the Neg Mawon statue . They encountered the usual barricade the police in military outfit had set up for 8 days now . The only difference was there were now hundreds of protesters. They stood at […]


Recent reports about a lawyer surreptitiously recording female users of his office washroom has caused us to question the Male lawyers serving in Dominica. While we have no evidence to confirm that the culprit is Gerald Burton, we are asking him to clear his name as he is the Chairman of the Electoral commission and […]


In a 3 page letter sent to the President, local lawyer Cara Shillingford acting on behalf of the Leader of the opposition and a group of concerned citizens have given President Charles Savarin up to 3PM today to cancel nomination day. The letter cites 8 grounds under which the president has to consider the request […]

Breaking news- Dominicans say enough is enough-No passage

For the past 15 years , Dominicans have been treated as if they have no stake in the Governance of their country. Roosevelt has told them is so many different ways, that he run things. He has said that the people are too free in this country while addressing the  speaker of the house in […]

Ambassador Ward Gives Us Some Food For Thought

Ambassador Ward is the chairman of  Caribbean Research and Policy Center, and former Ambassador to the US from Jamaica, he runs The Ward Post.  Recently he was asked to publish a news release “To Save Dominica’s Democracy” from the opposition leader Honorable Lennox Linton In the interest of objectivity and fair play,Ambassador Ward requested that […]

The Caribbean and Ethiopia Must Be Beacons of Democracy

  A Statement by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle–Selassie, President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia The security, stability, and prosperity of much of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia is presently being challenged, almost as never before, by changes occurring around the world. We must all look beyond the immediate to do what […]


The Dominican patriots continue to stand all through the night in front of the police barricade . This morning , officers again attempted to move one of the protestors laying in the street . The people gathered and stood against the police and they had no choice but to back off . The people have […]

Broken and Haunted: In the Shadows

Sexual exploitation of young woman by powerful men is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening from time immemorial, you can find the roots in the bible with King Solomon and others. But with time and civilization there became a new order, a new set of rules, and guiding principles, a new understanding of […]