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A search of Peter’s  background reveals that he is a Political Consultant, and the Principal Director of the leading Caribbean Political Research Company, Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES). This organisation conducts political polls and research and has worked with several major political parties and governments throughout the Caribbean. However those who are aware of what’s […]

OAS Remarks on Elections in Dominica

Remarks by Deputy U.S. Permanent Representative Alexis F. Ludwig November 20, 2019 Madam Chair and OAS Ambassadors, the United States is very proud of the role of the OAS in promoting and protecting democracy and free and fair elections throughout the Hemisphere. We strongly believe, as stated in the OAS Charter, that democracy is the foundation […]


A once vibrant and powerful leader who prided himself as being independent and opinionated now seem to have been neutured. Recent events have shown that the verbose, opinionated and often argumentative Savarin may now be nothing more than a patsy of Roosevelt Skerrit. Given an opportunity to redeem himself for having betrayed the people of […]

Was this Roosevelt’s last Salvo? Hopefully so

On Tuesday November 19 th 2019 Roosevelt addressed the nation after his police officers violently attacked unarmed Dominicans who were protesting for electoral reform. This demand has been denied to them for eleven years and three election cycles. Roosevelt,  ordered by his advisor Tony Astaphan has been in defiance of the people’s request because, as […]


Breaking News News reaching our newsdesk this afternoon informs us of a shootout in Portsmouth, according to the source, there was a gang gun battle around St. John’s school in Portsmouth close to Mr. Cool out Poster.  It is alleged that a gang from Girudel came into Portsmouth and started firing on the block. Children […]

NYC fires Paul Baron

DLP Operative Paul Baron was unceremoniously kicked out as President of the National Youth Council for his overt partisanship as president. The organization which represents young people from all walks of life has been a hunting ground for the DLP who provide the leaders of the organisation with perks to get them on board. Kelvar […]

Skerrit’s descent into Schizophrenia

by Dr. Reality in These Time On November 19, 2019 Skerrit who runs things on Dominica gave a speech following a night of rioting he incited by denying Dominicans electoral reform. in a remarkable display of delusion he blamed peaceful Dominicans who marched for democracy as the ones destroying Dominica. Make no doubt about it: […]

Pharaoh and His Pharisees

By Reggie Kempinski the Bull Neck Diner On  November 19, 2019, the morning after he set his security forces to fire tear gas on innocent Dominican men, women and children protesting for democracy,  Pharaoh spoke He was nervous. His eyes started about. His forehead glistened with cold sweat.  He gulped, anxiety gripping his visage. Pharaoh […]

Dominica: Why An Election in a Small Caribbean State Could Be Pivotal 

 Analysis. By GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs in Roseau and Washington, DC.  Most governments allocate 95 percent of their intelligence budgets and attention, and 100 percent of their best thinkers to “the main target”: the threat which causes them most concern. Most governments, then, face “intelligence failures”, “black swan events”, and the lack of preparation for […]