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Attorney Henry Shillingford assaulted

  Today during quiet protest outside the presidents mansion in Dominica police officers in plainclothes drew automatic weapons and pump rifles on the citizens. They were told that they could stand across the street which they complied. The police officers then proceeded to block off the road from the fort young hotel   to DBS […]

Police pulls guns on citizens

A small group of Dominicans gathered outside the President’s mansion to ask for free and fair elections. As soon as they got to the gate, one officer in military fatigue with a machine gun came to the gate. About two minutes later , an SUV filled with plain clothes police officers jumped out with  automatic […]

Not Even a Grapefruit Tree I See in Grand Bay

By Gavin the Constant Gardener I just came back from Dominica. It broke my heart, with the darkness I saw in the land. Young men, listless, sitting down smoking weed. Doing nothing. They are broken men and women in Grand Bay and around the country after 15 years of Skerrit.  The handout heaven created by […]

The Night Dominica Wept

By Luke Skywalker For those who don’t know, Dominica is not some inert land mass devoid of a soul. As a born Dominican, not a fake ambassador, I have always felt Dominica to be special and deeply spiritual place suffused with a haunting beauty. So , when plunderers have pillaged her riches, Dominica feels it. […]

Mel’s Launching

At last it’s here, the grand finale of the Roosevelt’s Family Party launching. As the saying goes they left their best for last. According to the advertisement flyer, my buddy Tarrus Riley will be the guest artist, will he be singing my song “She is Royal” for Dominica’s royal lady? Look for it, I bet! […]

Chinese Embassy Officials said “That’s another lie Roosevelt!

We all remember that other great lie of Roosevelt Skerrit, when he told us in December 2013 that he had gotten a loan of $300 M from China. Skerrit was accompanied to China to sign the deal by Hartley Henry, who was referred to as a ‘political advisor’ to Dominica, and Martin Charles (Chairman of […]


Just about 19 years ago Roosevelt Skerrit came into Dominica’s political life. He was a young man from Vieille Case with potential who agreed to be a Freedom Party candidate but with the offer of cash and a car turned turtle and ran for the DLP. Not satisfied with being made a junior minister he […]


As parents, I know we tell our children that they should not lie, or cheat or engage in illegal activity, but having done that and instilled the consciousness in them, we are still willing to forgive them and stand behind them. What we know is that there will come a time when we say enough […]

Stop Victimizing Kalinago People

by Anette Sanford In his desperation to continue misleading the indigenous people of Waitikubuli, the Prime Minister has found it fitting to rush to the Kalinago Territory to do damage control after one of our young Kalinago Professionals was sacrificially placed under the political gilotin last week.  A stance only the Cabinet of the labour […]