Caca Doc and His Militia

Do not say you did not know. Do not say you did not see. Do not say you did not hear. And what is that? Well Dominica is now a mob ruled nation with Commander Caca Doc as the militia leader, with an overdressed Mama Doc smiling in the wings.

Crime Minister Skerrit is now the crowned Caca Doc commander of his own armed militiamen. Mama Doc Melissa Skerrit told us she had her ” Navy Seals and snipers.” We should believe that she spoke greats truths in that instance of revelation.

What do we see on our streets? We see the hardened gangster street boys on motorcycles following Caca Doc and Mama Doc in their campaigns. They dole out handouts to the gangs of biker boys. They dispense favors to their muscle men and enforcers. And in the past two years guns have been seized on the port equipped with silencers. A militia is being armed.

The regime with its convoys of menacingly dark tinted window SUVs is afraid of the people. Caca Doc and Mama Doc even have guards outside the kindergarten of their kids. What manner of crimes did the Cacadocracy leader commit to be hiding so? To be so guarded by heavily armed Maniku Gang men every living moment is the price you pay for leading a regime rooted in thievery.

To prosper in the corrupt kickback kingdom that Dominica has become requires a militia to sustain itself. In the first week of April 2021 bus drivers on strike were beaten by police; one kicked on the ground like a dog. Caca Doc must be well guarded as he continues to revel in plundermania. That is now we have become.

Dominica, a nation where some shall eat all, is increasingly militarized by plunder maniacs in power. An entire nation led to its doom by King and Queen Caca Doc in a palace on a hill guarded by machinegun toting militia.

But as we learnt in nursery school:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
And all the kings horses
And all the kings men
Could not put Humpty
together again.

Come high or come low, militia or no militia, the same fate awaits Caca Humpty skulking in his palace on the hill.

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