BREAKING NEWS: The Abuse Continues

Our news desk has been alerted that to further rub salt into the injury of the Dominican legitimate voters, the hierarchy  of the Commonwealth of Dominica police force led by Daniel Carbon, a confirmed larkey of Roosevelt Skerrit, and his deputy mad dog who was meticulously picked for this assignment of leading the Ton Ton Macoute within the police force are at it again.

This time it is alleged they have assigned 15 police officers (House Negroes) to set up camp at the airport , to protect the illegal voters who will be flooding Dominica in the coming weeks.

Papa Don Dieu, Matey Lamen ! 

One thought on “BREAKING NEWS: The Abuse Continues

  1. Lougawoo Mem says:

    If thousands of patriots are determined to flood the runway, what can they do? Shoot on sight? If is war they want, then, let it be.

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