So Dominica has settled under a quasi dictatorship and in typical drunken stupor style, they have swept another untimely youthful death under the carpet.

We heard about the post Maria murder of a young man from Fond Cole and the allegations were that it was committed by a Jamaican. Reports however state that contrary to that allegation, the young man was murdered by a Dominican policeman from a west coast village. And while his father died, grieving the death of his son, the mother continues to seek justice to no avail and nobody seem to care. This young Etienne son is dead and gone as far as we are concerned.

Fast forward to election 2019 and the celebration of a stolen victory by the Dominica Labour Party, and a young man in full Labour regalia is gunned down in the constituency of the woman who praised her snipers and navy seals and the country is quiet.

They don’t even care that the murder was committed within sight of many. They don’t care that it is one of their own. They don’t even care that it is another youthful life taken for no reason. All they care about is that it cannot be pinned to the opposition so sweep it under the carpet.

Dominica was never this uncaring, but when you are led by a demented fool whose sole purpose is to maintain power for his own protection, we become uncaring and cold.

The patriots have been warning of the impending dictatorship and the unavoidable violence that will accompany it. Many remain quiet chanting 5 more years but these are not usual times. Dominica under Roosevelt Skerrit has been raped of its virginity and is now an uncaring, corrupt and impoverished dictatorship on the throes of a major economic collapse.

I would hate to say I told you so, but we’ve become so uncaring that this will inevitably be my mantra. Wake up my people!!!

2 thoughts on “AN UNCARING NATION

  1. Lambert Charles says:

    What a SAD state of affairs that we have degenerated to. We need to restore that once dominant caring, neighborly, loving Dominica spirit.

  2. The Watchman says:

    So true that Dominica is now an uncaring nation ruled by a sticky fingers
    narcissist, burdened theft and murders. We are the watchmen and have sounded the call. Sadly our distracted nation mostly slumbers on toward oblivion.

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